Auto extract and embed.

Parsebot allows you to extract, customize and automatically embed articles, photos, videos, audios, comments, and products from any web page online.

Over 1 million+ websites

Our tool supports any website and can extract and embed content from any type of web page in seconds including Facebook, Youtube, Flickr, Instagram, Amazon and more.

Fully automated

Our tool extacts, generates embeds and structured datas automatically from every page extacted and also have the ability to auto update contents on embeds.

Other features

Our embeds are responsive and works accross all platforms

Our tool is user friendly, very easy to use and extracts pages in seconds.

Embeds are fully customizable to fit your screen display

See our embeds live

Our api

Our api gives developers the ability to extract and generate embeds directly from their website or web application from a simple http get request to our server..


See what people who have used our tools are saying.


One of the best extracting tools i have ever used online... I can get any content i need from any website at any time in seconds.


Amazing.... The content embeding tool have helped to make my website users more engaged and interactive...