Welcome, Developers

The first version of our API allows you to use our tools in your own applications and projects by simply sending a get request to our server to automatically extract and transform contents to structured datas from millions of websites online.

Terms & conditions for using our API

1. ParseBot is not responsible for any suspicious or illegal content extracted using our API....
2. Parsebot holds the right to suspend or terminate any account found abusing the API..
3. Sharing of api keys is prohibited... one api key for one user.... if you would like to share your extracted content a special api link for sharing would be returned after every extraction.

API on Mashape

This documentation is only for developers using the api hosted on our site...
If you would like to use the other version of our api hosted on mashape click here. Note that the api hosted on mashape only supports extracting of contents.... If you want full features like (links management, content embeding, and more). Use the one hosted on our site.

Sending request to the API

Request can be sent either to the "Extract API" or the "Extracted API"...

API key

Your api key is only required when using the Extract API...
Sign up now now to get your api key & start making request... click here for pricing.

Types of contents extracted with our API

Our "Extract API" currently supports only extracting of Articles, Images, Videos & audios, Product infos, Comments & discussions

Embeding data

Our embed code allows you to embed full responsive and engaging content extracted from any web page on your website or app. Click here to read more on the embed code.

Minimizing your api calls

By default our servers caches any extracted content for 30 minutes.... But if you would like to overide this always pass along the parameter "update=1" along with your request when calling on the Extract api.
For contents that will not be needing constant updating... the extracted API have been developed so that you can call on the same extracted data as much as you want without consuming you API calls. click here to read more on the "Extracted API".